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Therapeutic Services


Bright Path Therapeutic Centre

Bright Paths Therapeutic facility was designed with youth in mind that would benefit from  a wide and complex range of supports available for their success.

Bridge to Care is driven to provide optimal care models for each and every client that comes through our doors, and has continued to take on clients that are otherwise turned away elsewhere due to their level of care needs. 

It is the mission of Bridge to Care to provide services to every client that reaches us, and ensure their success and transition back to society and family as a confident, informed, capable and contributing member of society. 

The Therapeutic  Service center will provide: 

Residential services including behavior support, in alignment with the current BTC model,  for adolescents with disabilities. 

Specialized rehabilitation services, also available to the community at large and other BTC clients, will be provided.  These include: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech-language therapy. 

A sensory room will enhance the services of occupational therapy.

Other services under consideration are:

  • Music therapy - has been demonstrated to support further engagement of clients with speech therapy services 

  • Animal assisted therapy: Animals, like therapy dogs, demonstrate that they can offer physiological, emotional, social, and physical support for children and youth

  • Addiction supports

  • Mental health counselling


  • Physiotherapy:  Focuses on gross motor skills, strength building, endurance, and fitness.  Prevention and reduction of impairments focuses on achieving optimal functional mobility and participation 

  • Occupational therapy:  In children and youth, occupational therapy seeks to improve engagement and participation in life roles with a focus on tasks that support activities of daily living. Areas of focus are upper extremity functions, fine motor skills, visual-motor functions, and sensory processing skills. Occupational therapy often utilizes sensory rooms as a treatment modality.  Multi-sensory rooms provide a feeling of relaxation and stimulation by stimulating the senses and movement producing feelings of relaxation and well-being.  The benefits of sensory rooms includes Sensory stimulation, Improved balance, movement, and spatial orientation, A sense of comfort and calm to assist with behavioral challenges. Engagement of inactive individuals, Enhanced learning and play promoting retention of and absorbing more information.

  • Speech and language therapy:  Focuses on communication and cognition by enhancing verbal or alternate communication expressive language skills 

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