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Now families can experience that rest through Bridge to Care, where parents receive short-term respite while their children are engaged in fun activities tailored to their interests and abilities. We know each child has unique qualities and challenges, and we are excited to learn every nuance. If you have a child with a profound intellectual disability, there is a place for your family at Bridge to Care.

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Our 24x7 Out of Home Placement Facilities


Spruce Grove - AB


Edmonton - AB


Edmonton - AB


Onoway - AB


Edmonton - AB

Bright Path Day Program

Spruce Grove - AB


Red Deer - AB


Whitecourt - AB


Edmonton - AB


St. Albert - AB

Therapeutic Facility

Fort Assiniboine - AB

Bright Path Therapeutic Facility

Edmonton - AB

24 Hour Respite Care

What is Out of Home Respite Care?

Out of Home Respite Care supports parents of children with significant special needs in experiencing a break from their care giving routines. Your child with special needs enjoys recreation and expert care, while your family shares time together.

Respite helps strengthen families. Parents are refreshed as a result of a break and it frees family time for essential parts of living. Families have told us that they use their time to run errands, complete work around the home, spend time with friends, or connect with community support systems. For parents, this mean rest and relaxation so they can return to their care giving role with renewed energy.

For other young family members who often share in that care giving, it’s a chance to socialize with peers and friends, engage in others activities, have fun and enjoy just being a kid. These are all things families may miss with a child with significant special needs. Respite gives a measure of these things back, and the child with special needs has a good time and a change of pace, too.

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