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Now families can experience that rest through Bridge to Care, where parents receive short-term respite while their children are engaged in fun activities tailored to their interests and abilities. We know each child has unique qualities and challenges, and we are excited to learn every nuance. If you have a child with a profound intellectual disability, there is a place for your family at Bridge to Care.

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24 Hour Respite Care

What is Out of Home Respite Care?

Out of Home Respite Care supports parents of children with significant special needs in experiencing a break from their care giving routines. Your child with special needs enjoys recreation and expert care, while your family shares time together.

Respite helps strengthen families. Parents are refreshed as a result of a break and it frees family time for essential parts of living. Families have told us that they use their time to run errands, complete work around the home, spend time with friends, or connect with community support systems. For parents, this mean rest and relaxation so they can return to their care giving role with renewed energy.

For other young family members who often share in that care giving, it’s a chance to socialize with peers and friends, engage in others activities, have fun and enjoy just being a kid. These are all things families may miss with a child with significant special needs. Respite gives a measure of these things back, and the child with special needs has a good time and a change of pace, too.


Welcome to Special Need Respite Services!

Special Need Respite Services is provided through Bridge to Care Inc., for children with developmental disabilities who have FSCD funding and have been unable to access other respite services. We offer overnight respite at our Support Homes, as well as Community access, which is based in the community or out of family’s homes. Your child will be paired with a trained respite worker who will support your child. Our goal is to ensure that children have a safe and fun stay while at our Support Home and while in community. Special Need Respite Services will adhere to Canadian Accreditation Council (CAC)                     

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Bookings are done on a first come, first served basis. Weekends gets filled up very quickly. We understand that it is frustrating when you cannot get your requested dates, and we do make every effort to accommodate everyone’s needs but it is not always possible. We can put people on a cancellation list in case spaces open later on.

Booking for overnights at the Support Homes  should be done well in advance but again, it is a first come- first served basis. The messages on the office voicemail are recorded in the order in which they are received, and time-coded.

There is almost always space available on weekdays due to lower demand. Transportation to and from school is your responsibility to arrange, However we could arrange transportation for additional charge of 0.52/kilometre. If you are choosing not to send your child to school during a respite stay, there is an additional charge of $25.00 per hour for 6 hours to provide a staff for them here. An addendum will need to be added onto your FSCD contract to allow for this extra charge, or families may choose to use responsive respite hours to cover this.

Long term stays of four or more consecutive nights can be booked up to two months in advance. This is to allow people additional time when they are planning vacations.

It is your responsibility to keep track of how many days are remaining on your FSCD contract. However, we are glad to help you by calculating how many days you have already used.

Support Home Booking steps:

  • For booking Support Home call: 780 591 1000 during the office hours .

  • Leave a message stating your desired bookings for the following month

  • Indicate your planned pick up and drop off times (if known) or an estimation

  • If the bookings include weekdays, please indicate if your child has school or if it is a PD day or school holiday

  • Please let us know if you are planning to be out of town during your child stay

  • Provide us with a second and third choice of booking dates in case your first date is unavailable

We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. If cancellations are made less than 24 hours, your first night will be billed; this is due to the fact that we still have to pay the staff scheduled to work with your child. Please give us as much notice as possible, so that we can offer your spot to another family.

This is also the case for responsive respite. In this case, the entire shift will be billed.

Families will be contacted in the event of natural disasters, severe weather or unforeseen situations to discuss what the family would like.

It is extremely important that you are on time when picking up and dropping off your child! If you drop your child off late, it does not mean you can pick them up late on pick up day. We understand that unexpected situations do arise. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late we require a phone call to allow us to accommodate your child. Please call the house number at 780 964 0062. You may be billed for the additional time your child is staffed.

For Bridge to Care Support Home stays, there will be an Intake package that will be completed for each stay at drop off and parents are required to sign a stay agreement. Please ensure that you allow yourself some time at drop off to complete this paperwork.

If your child becomes seriously ill during their stay, we will contact you and ask you to come take them home. Over a weekend, there are as many as 30 staff and children who come into contact with your child, and we need to minimize the risk of spreading illness. Generally, we will contact you if your child has unexplained vomiting and/or diarrhea, or if these occur for a prolonged period of time, but we reserve the right to contact you in other situations as well. If you are going to be away for your child’s stay, please make sure that your emergency contact is aware that your child is here and is prepared to come get them in the event of an emergency.

For serious injuries or illness, we will call 911- and have EMS assess your child. Transportation via ambulance at parent’s expense, may be necessary to ensure your child’s health and safety. Parent or emergency contact must be available to meet at the hospital.

We have very strict medication administration policies that must be adhered to. Please understand that while it may seem excessive compared to what you do at home, we have a very large number of clients to keep track of, most of whom receive medications. Our policies are in place to ensure the safety of your child.


Our medication administration involves a three-check system, involving: a copy of the orders provided by your doctor or pharmacist, the label on the medication from the pharmacy or provider, and a Medication Administration Record (MAR) sheet completed by us.

All three of these documents must match in order for us to administer the medication.

Doctor’s orders must be provided; we strongly prefer typed printouts to handwritten orders, in order to prevent confusion. If you have not provided us with current doctor’s orders that fulfill our requirements at the time of your child’s drop off, you have several options. You can go get proper doctor’s orders or signed pharmacy printout and immediately return with them, you can agree to come and administer your child’s medications at the proper times, or you can take your child home. In some cases, your child may be turned away from their stay if we do not have proper documentation.

The Doctors orders must include:

  • The child’s name

  • Each prescription medication the child is prescribed,

  • State the name of each vitamin or supplement the child is being given (includes multivitamins and supplements such as Melatonin),

  • The specific time of day that each medication, vitamin, or supplement is being given,

  • The dose of each medication that is being given,

  • The route in which each medication is being given (i.e. By mouth)

  • The reason for taking each medication,

  • If the medication is a PRN, the maximum amount that can be given per day,

  • If there are any special administration instructions (i.e. Pill must be crushed, dissolved in juice, etc.)

  • The Doctor or pharmacist’s printed name and signature.

  • The contact information of the provider

  • Be current within one year


The pill bottle label for each medication must match the Doctor’s orders or pharmacy print-out in all the above regards.

Medications must be sent in their original bottles.

Do not put meds in old bottles to send to our support homes. If you have a large supply at home and do not wish to send your entire stock, reserve a portion at home and send the amount needed here in the original bottle. Bubble packs or pouch packs prepared by a pharmacy are also acceptable.

Please send a small amount of extra medication.


Our medication policy states that if medications are dropped or contaminated we cannot administer them. If they are very costly or you are concerned about wastage, we can keep the medications we are unable to administer and send them home for you.


Over the counter products and non-prescription medication


Non-prescription medications still require proper documentation. Common types of medication that people forget about include pain killers, sleep aids such as melatonin, medicated creams, multivitamins, dietary supplements such as Ensure, homeopathic medications, laxatives, and Afterbite. This list is not exhaustive. Any items that contain medicinal ingredients must come with a Dr.’s order. If you explain to your doctor the reason for this requirement, they should be happy to accommodate you. The only items we are allowed to administer without Dr.’s orders are sunscreen, bug spray, and mouthwash.


Medication administration

Supervisors will create a medication administration guide which will outline how your child is prescribed to take their medication, as well as any preferences they have, for example, taking meds with chocolate milk. This procedure allows us to reduce any errors in administration and to ensure consistency. This guide will be updated annually or when medications are added or changed, in collaboration with parents/guardians. Parents will also be asked to provide a photograph of their child; this photograph is used for identity verification purposes during our medication administration procedure. Supervisors may ask you for an updated photo from time to time.

We complete a personal effects record documenting all your child’s belongings upon their arrival at the Support Home for overnight stays. We make every effort to make sure that all of their belongings come home with them. We strongly recommend labeling their belongings, especially if your child is unable to identify their own things.

Valuable items are sent at your own risk. Again, we make every effort to keep these items safe, but due to the nature of the services we provide, objects are prone to being lost, damaged or destroyed. The agency does not replace personal belongings under any circumstances.


When you are sending your child for overnight stays, please make sure you send a sufficient amount of clothing and supplies for their stay. In general, if it is a weekend stay, we ask you to send enough clothing for the entire stay. If it is a three night stay or longer we will wash their clothing. We usually try to send your child’s clothing home clean as a courtesy, but it is not always possible. If your child is prone to soiling their clothing, or getting very dirty, please send extra clothes.

If your child is coming for a responsive shift and is prone to soiling their clothing, at least one extra change of clothes must be sent to accommodate this.

Please remember to send weather appropriate gear with your child. Keep in mind that not all of our staff are able to drive, and it is often necessary for us to take transit. We need to ensure that all children are dressed appropriately for all types of weather.


If your child is in diapers or pull-ups it is your responsibility to send enough for their entire stay. If your child runs out during their stay we will call you to bring in more, so we strongly recommend that you send extras. We keep baby wipes stocked in the house, so you do not need to send them unless you have a preference of brand.

Bedding and Towels

Bedding and towels are provided here, so you do not need to send these items. However, if you feel that having their own bedding from home would be best for your child, feel free to send it with them.


Hygiene Items

Please ensure that all necessary hygiene items are sent with your child, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bubble bath and deodorant.

Spending Money

You may choose to send some spending money with your child; this money is usually spent on food items on field trips and outings, as the agency does not provide money for buying food outside the home. We document money sent on a financial record sheet and keep track of what is spent and where, and will provide any receipts for purchases made. Please let us know what your expectations are for spending this money.


We strongly encourage families to consider not sending any electronics for their child’s stay, as there is a high risk that the items could get broken or damaged. If electronics are sent, please inform supervisors of any limits you would like staff to enforce for these items. As cell phones have been an issue in the past, it is our procedure for the child’s cell phone to be handed in during admission. It will be locked up and returned to your child at the end of the stay.

Prohibited Items

For the safety of all the children, do not send your child with any candles, incense, matches or fire-related paraphernalia. Please do not send any toys with your child that could be used or interpreted as weapons or violence-related.