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  • Supporting individuals achieve their full potential in a multidisciplinary environment.  We value safety, security, education and health.

  • Healthcare professionals are defined by a standard of conduct deep-rooted in commitment, confidentiality and building relationships. They are committed to improving performance and maintaining integrity,

  • Healthcare professionals recognize personal accountability and the moral obligation to all individuals served—clients, employees, employers, members of the healthcare team, physicians, organizations, and the public.

  • Healthcare professionals promote the dignity of the profession and are committed to practicing with honesty, integrity, and accountability, respecting all laws and refusing to participate in or conceal any unethical, false, fraudulent, or deceptive activity.

  • Healthcare professionals' primary commitment is to the health, well-being, and safety of patients. They must take appropriate actions which are consistent with organization policy regarding any instances of incompetent, unethical, illegal, or impaired practice.


The Healthcare Professionals


  • Maintain and seek out  personal and professional development programs in their field of healthcare to ensure that they can exhibit a broad range of knowledge.

  • Creates and supports an environment that fosters teamwork, emphasizes quality, recognizes the individual, and promotes learning.

  • Maintains a commitment to the improvement of the professional through participation in, and active support of, the local, provincial, and national professional organizations.

  • Addresses concerns and takes formal actions to resolve or report the unethical or questionable practices to the appropriate channels.

  • Adheres to the Code of Ethics for Healthcare Professionals of their appropriate college


Healthcare professionals

  • Practice the profession with honesty, integrity, and accountability.

  • Maintain the level of competency as outlined in the Standards of Practice for Healthcare Quality Professionals.

  • Seek the trust and confidence of all customers.

  • Support the Standards of Practice for Healthcare Professionals.

  • Promote the right of privacy for all individuals and protect the maintenance of confidential information to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  • Promote cultural change that encourages the reporting of events that may result in actual or potential harm to patients or others.

  • Use expertise to inform employers or clients of possible positive and negative outcomes of management decisions in an effort to facilitate informed decision making.

  • Give credit for the work of others to whom it is due.

  • Aid the professional development and advancement of colleagues.

  • Maintain membership in professional organizations as a means of promoting quality and professional growth and avoid the use of such membership for the sole purpose of solicitation of business or for personal financial gain.



We strive to assist and advocate:

  • Being:  Helpful, aware of needs, being compassionate, being fun.

  • For : Families, Clients, staff family contact, reaching goals, listening skills, flexibility, consistency.



By Building cooperation and trust

  • Open communication. Supportive and trusting of each other.

  • Integrity, honesty. Co-operation.



By working honestly and ethically

  • Honesty, confidentiality, reliability, acceptance, equity, social justice.

  • Responsibility, accurate record keeping, consistent, professional



Through expression of new ideas and courage


  • Problem solving, personal skills, stimulation, self-improvement, workers and clients, team cooperation.

  • Develop strategies for team members and clients, dynamic teams

  • Willingness to see the big picture. Open to change, open to new ideas for doing things.

  • Willing to initiate/implement things that may make a positive difference. Set common team goals.


  • Through acceptance and confidentiality language. Non-judgmental. Confidentiality. Acceptance of diversity.

  • Ethical in what we do, respect the difference in others using respectful language.

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