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Picnic After Camping

July 3rd -7th

Boys Week!

This week will be one that is just for the BOYS! The week's activities will be geared towards our inquisitive, high energy, fearless young men and all of the activities they love. Action packed excitement is to be expected with activities such as indoor rock climbing, outdoor sports and wood working!


July 10th -14th

Sensory Week!

Explore the world with us this week while expanding your sensory based play and learning! Take advantage of our on site sensory room, filled with a variety of sensory activities for all age levels. Of course it wouldn’t be sensory week if we didn’t get creative with paper mache too, right? With this week's camp being smaller in size to accommodate sensory needs, together we will focus on different aspects of sensory integration, play and exploration.


July 17th -21st

Music & Art Week!

Come EXPRESS yourself with us and share all of your creativity with a group of like minded friends who share your passions! With this week's focus being on self expression through music and art, it’s your time to shine and be your most special self. Together we will explore various forms of artistic expressions while incorporating music and dance for a guaranteed good time!

● Please note that in order to accommodate Paint Night, Friday, July 22nd’s camp schedule will be adjusted to 11:30am - 7pm. *


July 24th -28th

Animal & Nature Week!

If you share our love and interest in animals and their natural habits, then this is the camp for you! This week we will be learning all about animals, their natural habitats, and you will even get to see some up close and personal! Always wanted to go on a pony ride? Now you can! We will learn and play with animals of all kinds, while also learning about nature and its importance for

wildlife and humans alike.


July 31st - August 4th

Girls Week!

This ones for the GIRLS! This week will be all about the powerful young ladies

we all know you to be. We will have high tea, makeovers, dress up and more!

We will also learn about historic women, and the value of being uniquely YOU! Make sure to book your spot now, as you are guaranteed to have a sparkling

good time ladies!


August 7th-11th

Sports Week!

This one is for all you active youth out there that love to play and learn about sports! You will have the opportunity to participate in both indoor and outdoor sports of various types, as well as an exciting field trip to a local bowling alley! So bring your athletic wear, shoes, water bottles and A game, because this fun filled week is bound to earn a high score on the excitement chart!

( No experience required )


August 14th-18th

Science Week!

What is sure to be an innovative and stimulating week, full of exploration and first hand experiences! Our focus will be on fostering imagination, hands on experience, and plenty of demonstrations you’re not soon to forget! Of course it wouldn’t be science week without a trip to the Telus World of Science for a day of exploring together all that this wonderful center has to offer. Ignite your natural curiosity while building and expanding on your love for all things science!


August 21st-25th

All in One Week!

This week will be a mixture of activities most enjoyed throughout the previous camping weeks. It’s the perfect mixture of all things fun, and is sure to include something that everyone will enjoy, while offering the chance to participate in new areas of interests as well! If you find yourself unable to pick just one week for camp this summer, this will be the week for you!



Bright Path Therapeutic Centre, 12130 184 Street, NW, Edmonton, AB T5V 0A5



7 Years to 17 years Old

Rate: $500/Camp ( Monday to Friday)


Note: These are specialized Camps dedicated to children with disabilities


Camp Hours:

Our camp hours will be Monday to Friday with drop off times at 9am and pick up at 4:30pm. We will be doing daily outings to engage the children.  Please keep in mind daily activities are subject to change slightly before the date or day of due to weather. Parents are responsible for supplying sunscreen, bug spray, hat, water bottle, change of clothes, medication, appropriate clothes and footwear.

Our day camps will run the weeks of : July 3rd to August 21st, 2023

Early Bird Registration should be completed by May 31st, 2023

Final Deadline for Registration would be June 20th, 2023


Day Camp Prices:

The cost for one full week of specialized summer camp with Bridge to Care will be $500.00, which includes food, drinks, supplies and any associated field trips. Parents using FSCD hours must prove that you have the hours available and approved for use upon registration. Your child will stay on the waiting list until the camp fees and all necessary documents have been received, paid in full for the days you wish to attend.

Signing up for Summer Day Camp: 

We will need to do an intake process for new families that are not currently clients of Bridge to Care.  This intake process will be done over the phone or in person at our Bridge to Care office with the Program Coordinator.  The intake usually takes about 30 minutes to complete and the questions in the intake process go over everything we need to know about your child such as medication needed, allergies, diagnosis etc., as well as consent forms and the registration forms that need to be filled out and signed.(Registration form can be printed off and filled out beforehand or filled out online).  During the intake process parents/guardians who have any questions can ask them at this time.  Please keep in mind our staff during this camp is a 3:1 ratio with both trained support workers and also volunteers. There will be a behavioral assessment form to fill out as well.  If your child has displayed recent behavior incidents in the past 2 months such as physical aggression, damaging property or themselves with the intent to do harm, AWOL, etc.. your child will be rated at a level 2 behavioral rating, and participation will be decided on a case-by-case basis for all Level 2 applicants.  

If you have any further questions please give us a call at 780-591-1000

General Daily Schedule:

8:30am: Drop off

8:45 - 9:00am: Explanation of plans for the day to everyone & rules 

9:00am: Necessary preparations for daily activity (gathering supplies, food, etc.)

9:30am: Indoor/Outdoor games (weather dependent)

10:00am: Snack Time

10:30am: Indoor/Outdoor Games

11:30am: Prepare children for daily activity

12:00 pm: Lunch 

1:00-3:00pm: Daily Activity

3:00pm: Snack Time

3:30- 4:00pm: Indoor/Outdoor Games (Pick up time )

*Parents are responsible for supplying sunscreen, bug spray, hat, water bottle, change of clothes, appropriate clothes and footwear, medication, towel 


Meal Plan


Snack=Granola bars, Fruit cup , Banana

Lunch= Ham and cheese sandwich, juice box, orange, fruit snacks

Snack=Veggies & dip, Animal crackers


Snack=Apple sauce, cheese and crackers

Lunch=Hotdogs, juice box, fruit, granola bar

Snack=Yogurt, banana

Snack=Popcorn and apple

Lunch=Turkey & cheese pinwheels, juice box, granola bar, banana

Snack=Muffin, fruit


Snack=Yogurt, Fruit

Lunch=Sandwiches, juice box, fruit, animal crackers

Snack=Cheese string, granola bar
Snack=Granola bar, Yogurt

Lunch=Meat and cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit, juice box

Snack=Veggies, cookie

*Please let Bridge to Care know of any dietary concerns or allergies

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