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Therapeutic services is a term used to describe a group of health professionals who use best evidence and innovative practice to assess, diagnose, treat and educate individuals with a variety of illnesses, injuries or disabilities. 

These “services” are usually provided by: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech language pathology, therapy assistants, behaviour specialists, and physicians. Often, things like music therapy, art therapy and pet therapy are also used if they are indicated as being beneficial for the individual served. If these services are not available on staff, it will be brought in for that individual. 

This team works collaboratively with children, their families, caregivers and other service providers within and external to Bridge To Care to deliver direct assessment and care, rehabilitation treatment, diagnostics and health improvement interventions to restore, maintain and optimize client function and outcomes. At our Therapeutic Centre, youth and families are viewed as valued partners in the treatment process. We therefore work towards building on existing strengths and personal resources of each young person. We believe that new skills and abilities can be learned. 

At Bridge To Care, we are excited about the possibility of helping individuals reach their full potential. All Therapeutic Staff members have experience and hold active permits and licenses to practice as required. Therapeutic Services will play an active role in making sure each plan is individualized, achievable, and uses the strengths of each individual to facilitate their best self. 

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  • Assessment and consultation for motor development

  • Assessment and consultation of sensory processing needs

  • Family support and coaching

  • Group programs for youth ages 6-17 years

  • Inspirational workshops for school staff, parents and community partners

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