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A Guide to Career Finding When You Have Disabilities

In the past, the job market has not always been kind to those with disabilities. If you have a disability and are looking for work, you may have your reservations. Fortunately, these tips from Bridge to Care can help you get through the job hunt until you find your dream career.

Never Let Fear Stop You

Many young people fear disclosing their disability when applying for a job. They may worry that companies will see them as a burden or hassle. But this is illegal, and you have every right to apply for a job that matches your abilities.

Focus on the journey as much as you focus on the results. You cannot always follow a perfect career plan. While there are always going to be obstacles, you will not succeed if you only avoid them. Instead of shying back from the path, try to stay confident. Do not let fear keep you from creating a standout resume or nailing your job interview.

Ready Yourself for Success

As a person with a disability, you may already feel like the odds are stacked against you. To stand out against other candidates, you need to be prepared to succeed. Ready as much as you can in advance. For example, practice your elevator pitch and what makes you a valuable employee. To feel more prepared, conduct mock interviews and recognize your accomplishments.

Your resume is one of the most critical aspects of the job hunt. Employers may not notice you if you do not have a resume with detailed information that summarizes your skills and knowledge and puts you above other candidates. Employers use resumes to weed out people who do not qualify for a position. You do not have to be a professional writer to have a winning resume. If you need help with this document, it may be worth looking into resume writing services for the job. Freelance resume writers can update and customize your resume to fit your industry. If you do not know who to hire, keep in mind you should check online reviews, prices and delivery time.

Be Open to New Experiences

A common misconception of those entering the job market and even those who have been in it for some time is that work experience needs to be traditional to have value. Every person has unique experiences; you have to learn how to use your knowledge and past to your advantage, and be willing to seek out new experiences that can make you a better candidate.

Whether you are changing careers or entering the market for the first time, be open to learning new things. Many programs help those with disabilities connect with businesses that recognize the importance of hiring a diverse staff with unique experiences and characteristics.

If you want to better your chances of landing your dream job, you may need to increase your education. For example, if you are going into business, take classes to learn new skills. For those who need to remain home, there are options available to work from home. Many people, even those without disabilities, are choosing remote work.

Depending on your skill set and drive, you may be of a mind to open your own business rather than work for someone else. This is a great choice, but you need to be prepared for what it entails. There’s more to starting a business than building a website and coming up with a business name. You also need a business plan, a marketing strategy, and, most importantly, a product or service that’s in demand. Funding is also crucial. Fortunately, you may be eligible for certain government grants, particularly grants that are for

disabled entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in specific industries. Do you homework here, and be prepared to craft an exceptional grant application.

Opening yourself up in the job market can be stressful and overwhelming. You may have fears based on your disability or the economy in general. Keep a positive outlook when job-hunting and remember that you bring unique value to a position, and show employers why they would be lucky to have you.

Alyssa Strickland

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