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Whether it be a motor vehicle accident, trip or fall, proper care is critical to ensure a speedy recovery.

Accidents are unpredictables, unusual and unintended . The increasing  motor vehicle traffic, extreme whether conditions are just few examples of common accidents.

many people often get injured and left with the need for customized home care.

Bridge to Care is a non profit organization in Canada engaged in taking care of accident victims on a continual full time or as needed basis during the entire process of recovery.

Our nursing team and will be in continual communication with your health care team to develop a care plan that suits your needs.

Our team will closely work with you to provide  care at any time of day while you are on your recovery stages.

We also have a team of financial advisors with help you with your budgeting and other needs.  We can also work with your insurance to ensure our service meets your policy’s requirements.

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to help recover safely within your own home environment!

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